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Qibla = 119 29 E (From True North)

SICM's time table is based on the extensive work done by the emminent astro-phisicist Dr. Mohammad Ilyas Ph.D(Adelaide), M.Sc. (Aligarh), FRMetS, FRAS as explained in his book A Modern Guide to Astronomical Calculations Of Islamin Calendar Times & Qibla. The difference in the magrib times should not be significant as all Shias add a few minutes to the sunset time to obtain the magrib time. Though a prominent Shia Mujtahid Mohammad Husain FazluAllah says magrib is same as sunset.

As for Imsak/fajr times SICM uses the well-known criteria of 18/16 degrees, i.e. when the sun is 18/16 degrees below the horizon. This criteria was well known to the muslim astronomers of the past and cn be seen in the works of many past and present day muslim scholars.

Note: Ayatullah Seestani says, "The obligatory precaution is that as long as the redness in the eastern sky appearing after sunset has not passed overhead, Maghrib Salaat should not be performed."
Ayatullah Fadhullah says, "Sunset takes effect when the sun's disk disappears from the horizon. Thus one can at such a time say one's Maghrib prayer, and also break his fast if one fasts."
Ayatullah Khui says, "It is ihtiyat wajib to wait until the redness that appears in the eastern horizon after sunset has passed overhead."
Shaykh Sudduq says, "Sunset (Maghrib) is validated by the fall of the sunís disk."
Shaykh Tusi says, "Maghrib starts at the setting of the sun."

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May Allah guide us on the right path.

Timetable created using programme created by Haider Asaria For postcode HA2: Longitude: -0.357 Latitude: 51.574

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